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For Clients

Interfluency Translation+Culture has a strong commitment to providing our actual and potential clients with tools to help in seeking and obtaining translation services. Please visit our site regularly for more information and resources, or contact us directly if you have questions or need guidance. Maybe our services are right for you. If we feel you would best be served elsewhere, we'll guide you there.

Why buying a translation is not like buying a pound of sugar

Translation is not a commodity, but rather a highly specialized service. With a commodity like sugar or gasoline, we generally assume quality to be more or less interchangeable, and make our purchase decision based on price and convenience. We can't do that with translations. See "Buying a Non-Commodity", a handy guide from the American Translators Association (ATA), for more on how to approach the purchase of translation services. With Interfluency, you know your translation or related service is provided by a highly qualified professional. (ATA Certified Translator Engl>Span, and Registered Court Interpreter Engl<>Span with Supreme Court of Tennessee, as well as Ph.D. in Latin American History); and you know that interfluency fully guarantees its work.

Buying translation services: getting it right

The translation process will be more efficient, and more effective, when you, as client, can give the translator a strong idea of the nature of the text to be translated: the purpose of the translation; and the target audience, market, or readership for the translation. In other words, clear specifications are key! See the ATA guide to Getting It Right.