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Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation: Of “piropos”, praise, and pick-up lines

By Admin on 09-October-12 20:41. Comments (2607)
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Dear readers, An attractive young woman walks gracefully down the street, inspiring a gentleman standing at a storefront to call out, “¿Qué culpa tiene el árbol de haber nacido en el campo, y qué culpa mi corazón por amarte tanto?” [A tree stands Read more...

Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation: Taking and giving a test, and other mirrors

By Admin on 15-September-12 20:40. Comments (10)
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Dear readers, It’s a pleasure to begin this series of explorations into language, and particularly into the curiosities and riddles of translating between English and Spanish.  I invite you to explore with me, starting with some cases of “mirrors” in which the same concept is Read more...

Friday thought: Why “See you Monday” ≠ “Hasta el lunes”

By Admin on 18-May-12 20:39. Comments (7)
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All over the US on a Friday like today, millions of people are wishing co-workers a good weekend and saying “See you Monday.” What if you wanted to say it to a co-worker from Mexico, Colombia, or Puerto Rico—in Spanish?  Translating directly from English, you mi Read more...

Cinco de Mayo not the ‘real’ Mexican national day?

By Admin on 04-May-12 20:38. Comments (9)
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The sense of shared identity that binds an immigrant group together in its adopted home is no mere transplanting of old-country customs.  It involves creativity and innovation—and a dual process of celebrating ancestral ties while affirming group emergence into the fabric of life in the n Read more...

“Giants own Patriots” or “Papá Gigantes”?!!

By Admin on 11-February-12 21:19. Comments (4570)
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With their stunning Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, the New York Giants not only became NFL champions for the second time in a five-year span, they also extended their recent, but impressive, domination of the team that has been pro football’s standard of excellence for the p Read more...

The funny Spanish letter with the squiggle on top

By Admin on 29-January-12 21:12. Comments (1083)
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January is, of course, the month when New Year’s greetings are exchanged: “Happy New Year” in English, Feliz Año Nuevo en español. The Spanish words for “year” and for the language itself both contain the single most readily-identi Read more...

Feliz Navidad, Felices Fiestas, and other greetings of the season

By Admin on 23-December-11 20:56. Comments (9)
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When a 25-year-old guitarist named José Montserrate Feliciano García, from the historic Puerto Rican town of Lares (birthplace of the country’s 19th century movement for independence from Spain) recorded an album of Christmas music released by RCA Victor Latino in Read more...

When does Tuesday=Friday? More adventures in translating culture!

By Admin on 13-December-11 20:50. Comments (3)
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Imagine you’re translating a document, from English into Spanish. Say it’s a letter, dated Tuesday, December 13, 2011 (that’s today).  How do you translate that into Spanish? Well, that’s not too difficult: you’d render it as ‘martes, Read more...

Día de los Muertos, Halloween, and translation

By Admin on 30-October-11 03:10. Comments (6)
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Grinning skulls, jangling skeletons… candies, cakes, and other sweets… Halloween is almost upon us, and so too is the festival known in Mexico as ‘Día de los Muertos’ or more simply ‘Día de Muertos’.  They are just two days apart: this year, H Read more...

I want that reporte on my desk first thing Monday morning…!?

By Admin on 25-July-11 03:08. Comments (8)
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Translators between English and Spanish – and no doubt, going from English to virtually any language in the world – often find themselves wrestling with issues like this one: How do I translate Engl. ‘report’? The overwhelmingly clear choice is informe - that’ Read more...

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