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Educación: education and upbringing

By Admin on 05-January-13 22:16. Comments (8)
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Dear reader, Last week, we saw how the English expression “Congratulations!” is separated by Spanish into “Felicitaciones!” for a success vs. “¡Felicidades!” on life passages (marriage, birth of a child, New Year). Similarly, Read more...

Two kinds of congratulations… and how Spanish expresses them

By Admin on 01-January-13 22:15. Comments (6)
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Dear reader, For some weeks now, the air has been filled with greetings and good wishes: “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas,” “Season’s Greetings” and, for a few days yet, “Happy New Year”.  In Spanish: Felices Fiestas, Feliz Navidad, Read more...

Machos, males and he-men

By Admin on 26-November-12 22:15. Comments (17)
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Dear reader, The recent, tragic death of seven-time champion boxer Héctor “Macho” Camacho has filled headlines around the world, and put on many tongues a word that was the nickname of the great prizefighter from Bayamón, Puerto Rico—and is a popular n Read more...

December, snow, and romance: translating a month

By Admin on 23-November-12 22:14. Comments (7)
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Dear reader, December brings with it Christmas, Hanukkah, the beginning of winter, and year’s end on the 31st. As we’ll see, it also has interesting romantic associations. December wasn’t always the end of the year: as the first syllable of its name testifies, it was the tenth mo Read more...

Thanksgiving: translating the name, tracing the meaning(s)

By Admin on 21-November-12 22:14. Comments (372)
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The fourth Thursday in November is here, and with it a holiday largely peculiar to the United States, yet at the same time universal in its origins as a harvest celebration. Thanksgiving Day, or, in Spanish, Día de Acción de Gracias. Norman Rockwell’s 1943 painting,&nb Read more...

Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation: To translate or not to translate – DREAMers

By Admin on 18-November-12 22:13. Comments (12)
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Dear readers, The 2012 presidential election underscored the active influence of people of Latin American origin on the political, not to mention the social, cultural, and economic life, of the United States. Against this backdrop, a social movement has been born: young Hispanics/Latinos, bro Read more...

Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation: Why is Lionel Messi shouting?

By Admin on 18-November-12 22:13. Comments (9)
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Dear reader, Sports headlines around the Spanish-speaking world this week proclaim Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi’s “78 gritos” (literally, 78 shouts) so far this year. Lionel Messi celebrates after scoring a goal for the Argentine national soccer team. Of the 78 go Read more...

Is Día de los Muertos the Mexican Halloween?

By Admin on 23-October-12 20:47. Comments (5)
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Grinning skulls, jangling skeletons… candies, cakes, and other sweets… Halloween is almost upon us, and so too is the festival known in Mexico as ‘Día de los Muertos’ or more simply ‘Día de Muertos’.  They are just two days apart: in 2012, Hal Read more...

Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation: The Cha-Cha… and One More Hot Tamale

By Admin on 19-October-12 20:47. Comments (7)
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Dear reader, This week let’s consider two Spanish words and their English translations: chachachá (that infectious rhythm born in Cuba) and tamal, which we looked at some weeks back. From that musical colossus, Cuba, there emerged around 1953 another in a long line Read more...

Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation: You say “tamal”, I say “tamale”

By Admin on 17-October-12 20:46. Comments (9)
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Dear readers, Tamales have been a favorite food in the US for over a century.  Oddly, Spanish tamal is generally not used in the singular—English speakers tend to say “a tamale”. This use is so widespread, especially in the phrase “hot tamale” (already Read more...

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