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How to work with an interpreter

By Admin on 21-November-13 22:39. Comments (6026)
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If you’re a patient or physician, attorney or client, it’s quite probable that at one time or another you’ll use the services of a foreign-language interpreter. Some ideas and suggestions to keep in mind: An interpreter converts spoken dialogue from one language to another, a tr Read more...

Is Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead a ‘Mexican Halloween’?

By Admin on 01-November-13 21:39. Comments (5918)
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by Pablo J. Davis We’re in the brief interval between Halloween, widely celebrated in the US, and the festival known as ‘Día de los Muertos’ or ‘Día de Muertos’ and associated primarily with Mexico, though it’s observed in different ways throug Read more...

Hispanic Heritage: Why Spanish Matters

By Admin on 27-September-13 21:39. Comments (14)
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La Mezquita, or Cathedral-Mosque of Córdoba, southern Spain, is considered one of the treasures of humanity and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its majestic geometry embodies the encounter of Africa, Europe, and Asia that unfolded in complex ways in medieval Spain and helped shape the modern Read more...

Tuesday the 13th… the Friday the 13th of the Spanish-speaking world (and vice-versa)

By Admin on 13-August-13 21:38. Comments (9)
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Imagine you’re translating a document, from English into Spanish. Say it’s a letter, dated Tuesday, November 13, 2012 (that’s today).  How do you translate that into Spanish? Well, that’s not too difficult: you’d render it as ‘martes, 13 n Read more...

Magna Carta at 798: what remains of this tower of human liberty?

By Admin on 15-June-13 21:38. Comments (75)
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Today marks an important anniversary; and exactly two years from today, we will reach an extraordinary chronological milestone: 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta. Apart from Biblical matters, the commemorations of such ancient events is unknown to us.  We’ve seen a bicenten Read more...

Translating “bird” into Spanish

By Admin on 15-June-13 21:37. Comments (7)
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Dear reader, E.G., a native English-speaking friend who’s quite proficient in Spanish, asked about the differences between aveand pájaro in translating “bird”. For starters, both originate in Latin: avis and passer (sparrow),&nb Read more...

Summer, its names and romance

By Admin on 02-June-13 21:37. Comments (15)
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Dear reader, The calendar tells us that the Northern Hemisphere summer is still a few weeks away.  A few moments outdoors confirm that the season is already here. Let’s spend a minute with its names in English and Spanish. “Summer romance” (amores de verano, in Spanish) Read more...

CIA and “SEE-ya”: Adventures in translating abbreviations

By Admin on 29-May-13 21:36. Comments (12)
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Dear reader, The name of the agency is abbreviated, in English, as an initialism (each letter pronounced separately, “C-I-A”). In Spanish, the initialism is transformed into a true acronym, pronounced as if it were a word: “SEE-ya”. In an earlier column, we observed ho Read more...

How we “save a file” in Spanish

By Admin on 02-May-13 21:36. Comments (8)
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Dear reader, It’s something yours truly will do in a few minutes, you will likely do more than once today… and forgetting to do it can sometimes bring real headaches. We’re talking about one of the most common, ordinary acts of contemporary life: preserving what you&rs Read more...

After the meal, the lovely (and untranslatable?) ‘sobremesa’

By Admin on 15-April-13 21:36. Comments (104)
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Dear reader, Imagine a tasty and pleasant meal shared with friends, or at a family reunion.  Dessert is finished.  Now comes coffee, or perhaps cordials… maybe some other confection… and more coffee… And all the while, the conversation rolls on, the stories, the jokes Read more...

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