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Here is just a small sampling of testimonials from our many, highly satisfied clients; we will be providing more testimonials in the near future.


Your translation is impeccable, truly exceptional...
"I've read your translation of my chapter and I loved it. You've done an incredible job. Your translation is impeccable, and you've captured to perfection the content and tone of my writing. I expected excellent work coming from you, but you have exceeded my expectations (and that is saying a lot). Reading your translation was an absolute pleasure. I also thank you for the way you've handled the project: the clarity of your communications, your efficiency and speed—truly exceptional."
— Ana María Mutis, Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 2008), Literary Scholar

Truly bi-cultural, renders precise, culturally appropriate equivalents; my first choice...
"A recent interpreting assignment that Dr. Davis and I shared during the three-day visit of Nobel Laureate, Rigoberta Menchú, gave me a unique perspective on his qualifications. What most impresses me about Dr. Davis´s interpreting is his consistency in conveying not just the meaning of the original utterance, but also its tone. Irony, passion, annoyance, and other tonal or emotive features come through to the listener in congruence with the original speech. Dr. Davis also brings to the art of interpreting an exceedingly broad cultural competency on which he draws to render precise, culturally appropriate equivalents for colloquialisms and for idiomatic expressions, even those whose use is regionally limited. As truly bi-cultural as anyone I have known, Dr. Davis has lived and worked his entire life, to borrow Gustavo Pérez Firmat´s phrase, 'on the hyphen'. He is thus equally proficient interpreting from English to Spanish as from Spanish to English. If I were looking for professional facilitation of communication between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking groups in a business, academic, or other intercultural setting, Dr. Davis would be my first choice."
— Eric Henager, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, Rhodes College

A painstaking drive for the highest quality possible...
"Our company has used the translation services of Pablo J. Davis, Ph.D.—and now of his firm Interfluency Translation+Culture—for the past several years, and can recommend him strongly and without reservation for his translation services, interpreting, editing, and writing . . . Dr. Davis's work is distinguished by its high level of command in both Spanish and English; he is one of those comparatively rare individuals [with] native fluency in the speaking, reading, and writing of both languages. He effectively deploys his mastery of legal, business, medical, scientific, and other specialized fields. He pays close attention to detail, bringing to his translations and related work a painstaking drive for the highest quality possible. . . . "
— Rosalva Medina de King, President and Owner, V.I.S.A. (Visa and Immigration Services Assistance), Inc., Memphis TN

A pleasure to work with—professional, helpful, thorough...
"You were a pleasure to work with—professional, helpful, and thorough. Your work added so much value to these articles. Thank you for working with me on tight turnarounds and rush jobs. We made our typesetter date yesterday, and I know the Cuba encyclopedia will be great, thanks, in part, to you."
— Rebecca Parks, Senior Editor, Gale/A part of Cengage Learning, Farmington Hills MI

His capacity to bring linguistic nuance and understanding is unique...
"I enthusiastically recommend Pablo Davis and Interfluency's English/Spanish translation services. The translations he did for our special program 'Creciendo Juntos', focusing on expanding services to the Latino community, were exceptional, and have greatly aided our program implementation. I am a native English speaker who is also fluent in Spanish. I have spent many years living and working in Latin America, and have hired the services of numerous translators over many years in several countries. None have attained the level of expertise that Mr. Davis has exhibited. His capacity to bring linguistic nuance and understanding across both languages is unique. his strong grasp of both English and Spanish allows him to incorporate local, regional and country-specific lexicon and colloquialisms. . . . "
— Peter W. Loach, Deputy Director of Operations, Piedmont Housing Alliance, Charlottesville VA

An excellent resource and a skilled translator...
"I have had the opportunity to work with Pablo Davis on several occasions to produce Spanish language translations for my company's medical training DVDs. . . . Pablo . . . was an excellent resource for these projects. Not only is he a skilled translator with an excellent record voice, he is a pleasant and enjoyable person to work with. I highly recommend Pablo for translation services."
— i>Andy Spratt, Owner, Family Health Media, Charlottesville VA

Cultural Education/Training

Few educational experiences are as unique, enjoyable, and lasting in their impact...
"There are few, if any, educational experiences as unique, enjoyable, and lasting in their impact as observing Pablo Julian Davis teach about interactions among America's diverse sub-cultures. Dr. Davis addresses the interrelationships among cultural components as manifested through music, food, history, and language in a warmly emotional and utterly engrossing fashion. I have enjoyed his presentations on several occasions and been astonished each time by their artistry and genuineness. He is particularly adept at drawing his audience into genuinely sharing the various cultural experiences with him. His experiential method would seem to be the most effective possible means of teaching cultural interfluency. And, of course, his uses of music are priceless."
— John E. Harkins, Ph.D., President, West Tennessee Historical Society; co-author, The New Orleans Cabildo (LSU Press)

Eloquent and engaging, with deep knowledge and passion on Latino culture...
"Dr. Pablo J. Davis is an eloquent and engaging presenter who demonstrates deep knowledge and passion on the subject of Latino Culture and History. He succeeds in presenting Latino Culture to a diverse audience in a way that builds understanding and bridges cultural gaps. One example of his effectiveness was shown to me when Dr. Davis presented the community education workshop: "The 7 Things Every Social Service Provider Needs to Know About Latino Culture" to a diverse group of social services providers. At the end of his presentation, the audience's response was very positive. Several participants commented that his presentation should be a required in-service in their agency. Dr. Pablo J. Davis is definitely a great asset to our increasingly diverse community."
— Luisa Ramírez de Lynch, PT, DPT, College of Allied Health Sciences, UT Health Science Center

An exceptional and memorable experience that has stayed with me ever since...
"More than anything, your presentation was truly eye-opening. I discovered the reasons and the detailed story behind something I had been vaguely aware of my entire life, the Latin - and I discovered through your presentation that in truth it was largely a Cuban - influence on American jazz and popular music. Like most Black people I always had this sense of a Latin American influence on our music. But now I am able to identify it, and I listen for it in all sorts of music: that habanera rhythm. And I think of it in terms of the global cultural exchanges that you helped me to see as the context for this musical influence: above all, the African Diaspora in the Americas. The presentation was highly informative while at the same time entertaining. Your performance at the piano illustrated the points that you made in your spoken commentary, and the two parts of the presentation worked together very well. It was an exceptional and memorable experience, one that has stayed with me ever since. I found it educational, moving, and inspiring."
— Dr. William Anderson, Senior Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services, University of Virginia

A masterful piano performance with educational dialogue; a life-changing experience...
"In my role guiding the experiences of students . . . one particular event stands out because of its quality and resounding success. Pablo Davis . . . punctuated a masterful piano performance with educational dialogue, explaining the evolution of a genre and its Latin influences. Soon, 500 patrons forgot their food as a tapestry of beautifully played music and blended-in narrative transfixed all in the room. It was a life-changing experience for me and others."
— J. Michael Despeaux, Associate Director of Career Services, Western Carolina University

Passionate and professional; on a personal mission to bridge cultures...
"A few years ago, in search of an avenue to expand the Latino-Hispanic reach for access to Art for Life's Sake (AFLS) services, I walked into Latino Memphis and a partnership was born. Dr. Pablo Davis greeted me with a heart-felt welcome and made the short visit warm, inviting, and definitely supportive. He fell in love with the mission of AFLS and was receptive of a partnership with the organization to ensure communication with the Latino-Hispanic community via translations and to help publicize program offerings. Recently, Dr. Pablo gave a guest lecture on Latino-Hispanic Culture to graduate students at Cambridge College. His passionate and professional attitude and presentation was received well by the students - whom he engaged dynamically. It is apparent that Dr. Pablo is on a personal mission to bridge cultural, educational, and social gaps through his professional engagements in the community and his unique and creative company, Interfluency Translation+Culture. He helps fill a huge need in our community!"
— Dr. Hattie Isen, Executive Director, Art for Life's Sake, Memphis TN