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Our Team

Pablo Julián Davis, Ph.D. - Principal

Building on over 20 years of success as a professional translator, educator, and musician, complete native command of Spanish and English and multifaceted professional experience in the US and Latin America, Dr. Davis brings superb skills and depth of understanding to the work of Interfluency Translation+Culture. He is an American Translators Association (ATA) Certified Translator (English>Spanish), a Certified Interpreter (English<>Spanish) for the TN & KY Courts, and a world-class conference interpreter whose assignments have included Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum, theologian Dr. Ada María Isasi-Díaz, César Chávez former collaborator Dolores Huerta, the late novelist Julio Cortázar, linguist Noam Chomsky, journalist David Bacon, and many others. A holder of the doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and advanced degrees and certificates from Hopkins, Columbia University, and the University of Buenos Aires, Dr. Davis has intimate knowledge of the legal, medical, business, and educational worlds. He has taught Latin American and comparative US-Latin American history and culture, as well as Spanish, at institutions including the University of Virginia, George Washington University, Franklin and Marshall College, and the University of Memphis. He was a charter member of the Virginia Latino Advisory Commission named by the Governor of Virginia in 2003, and a former executive director of Latino Memphis, Inc., and serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of National Hispanic Professional Organization, Memphis Chapter.

Luis Martínez-Fernández, Ph.D.

A worldwide authority on the Spanish Caribbean, Dr. Martínez-Fernández (Ph.D., Duke University) specializes in modern Latin American history and culture at the University of Central Florida. The nationally televised special "Viva! Top 20 Powerbrokers" featured him in 2002 among the nation's most influential Hispanic/Latino leaders. His views have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, London Financial Times, and other media.

Isabel Murillo

A versatile and highly skilled translator between English and Spanish, Isabel Murillo has 20 years of high-level experience as a translator specializing in the business, psychology, and literary fields. She has over a decade's experience in corporate marketing for Hewlett Packard. She has translated nearly 200 books in a range of fields. Ms. Murillo is a graduate of the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Margie Fernández, M.A.

A superb translator and cultural educator, Margie Fernández is a specialist in bilingualism, language acquisition, and education. She is also an experienced interpreter. Her strong grounding academic theory, research, and educational practice is a major asset she brings to her linguistic work.